2020 Scottish Primary Schools Competition

The theme for our 2020 schools competition will be kites. Kites have been made and flown all over the world for thousands of years.  Records suggest that they were invented in the state of Lu (in what is now China) about 2,500 years ago by Lu Ban. He created a "wooden bird' which is now believed to have been a type of kite. Kites had many uses, including military. Marco Polo reports manned kite flights from ships, designed to test the wind. Kite design and use is colourful and varied.

We are working in partnership with RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, where the prizegiving will be held. The aim of the competition is to inspire the creativity of Scottish primary school pupils and to encourage them to learn more about Scotland and China. Entries should explore ideas about Scotland and China through the design for a kite.

Competition entries may take the form of painting, drawing, craftwork (an actual kite), writing, photography, video/media/film (no more than 10 minutes long), or embroidery/stitching/textile. Schools will receive notice of the competition and an entry form early in 2020, the closing date will be in May, and the awards ceremony will take place at the Zoo in mid-June.